Welcome to CLG Entertainment


Welcome to CLG Entertainment, founded by author, editor, educator, and every woman, Shonell Bacon. Here, writers can learn about CLG-E’s editing services, purchase e-books on writing, receive writing inspiration and resources, and take part in future digital retreats and challenges.

Currently, the site is under construction. Looking through the pages on the tab, you will see some pages are developed while others are not. Most pages will be up and running by September 1, but some of the cool things to come will slowly unfold throughout Fall 2013.

If you’re looking for info on CLG-E’s editing services, please go [here].

Thank you!


Top Three Reasons Why I Love Being an Editor

#3: I love being immersed in good stories, so it thrills me to no end to be on the “ground level” of building a solid literary work.

#2: I get all smiley-face geeked when a client is over-the-moon happy about their literary baby being “purty”… especially new writers with their first books.

…:drum roll:…

#1: I pump fist and go HELL YEAH when a repeat client’s next book is leaps-and-bounds better than their last book because I know they are learning during the editing experience and they are keeping that knowledge with them during their writing journey.

CLG-E Is Under Construction

CLG Entertainment is currently under construction. If you need Shonell Bacon, please send her an e-mail.